Domain Names

In today’s Business world, Intellectual Property on the cyberspace is one of the most important aspects of many companies and individuals that we routinely help to protect and enforce, starting by the name or trademark that is directly comprehended and/or is essential to a Domain Name.

We at BMA / BUFETE MEJIA & ASOCIADOS have a team of experts that handle domain registrations, renewals, transfers of ownership before the corresponding offices in HONDURAS, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Belize, Panama, Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Paraguay. We are convinced that Intellectual Property Rights (IPR’s) are only as strong as the means to enforce them. In that context, arbitration, as a private and confidential procedure, is increasingly being used to resolve disputes involving intellectual property rights, especially when involving parties from different jurisdictions. Intellectual property disputes have a number of particular characteristics that in some cases may be better addressed by arbitration than by litigation at a court.

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