Who are we?

From its foundation, the firm has sought to distinguish itself by the excellence of the services provided. It has since then, steadily grown to become one of the most respected Law firms of Honduras and the whole Central-American region in the area of Intellectual Property, Advertising, Regulatory Law and Corporate Law with clients ranging from individuals to some of the largest multinationals.

Serving clients who sometimes are thousands of miles away from us is very demanding and prompt responses and fluent communications are very important. We understand that if a client in any capital or city of the world sends us a request or inquiry, it is because the matter is important and requires our immediate acknowledgement and attention.

Given the unquestionable international nature of Intellectual Property, our partners and associates attend to most of the International meetings, congresses and seminars organized by the leading organizations and associations oriented to this area of Law. We believe that personal contact is essential to build up long-lasting relationships and provide an excellent opportunity to personally meet with clients, associates, correspondents and friends from all over the world.

Each attorney at the firm takes pride in providing hands-on, personal service and finding sometimes unique, innovative and practical solutions to a wide range of legal issues. The rest of our staff shares this view and we have long been known to have one of the country’s highest loyalty records from our people. We recognize that well-trained, experienced and satisfied staff is essential to providing value with service.

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